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A legally licensed counselor is someone who has been granted by law, and in accordance with law legality, to be an attorney. The lawful counselor has the privilege to be a lawyer. He provides free, honest source of counsel. In criminal procedure the lawful counsel acts likely to be the focal’s representative (thing five). 2. Segment 2 of Federal law 31.05.2002. No. 64-FZ “About lawful advocate practices and real purposes for living in the Russian Federation”.

A qualified instructor is permitted to safeguard the possibilities and the interests of students, based on the way they are, regardless of the person who is a suspect, defendant or the charges. A legal guide may also be able to address the loss of a client, typical irritated crowds, or even respondents in the courtroom (articles 43-45 and the Criminal Procedure Code). The law also examines the possibility of legitimate experts in criminal cases. It’s more than a possibility however, it is a requirement. This article will examine the benefits and responsibilities that lawyers have, as well as their roles in criminal procedures and the legal frameworks permitting lawful consultants to use the criminal world.

A legal guide’s work in the field of criminal law

The well-established rules of criminal procedure provide the logical and essential justification for a lawful advocate’s involvement in criminal justice systems. In my piece “Protect in Criminal Proceedings” I’ve recently was attentive to the need for a legally-based guide for criminal methodologies. In the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, Article 51 is a record of the instances where the use of a legal advisor is to protect criminal tactics. This obligation is to pay only a little attention to the desire of the suspect (suspect). When it comes to handling instances, the duty is:

When the accused (charged) is not deferred direction as demonstrated by the framework established pursuant to Article 52 in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation

If there is a suspicion that the person being investigated (censured) is a minor

The one who has been convicted (the suspect) is unable or unwilling to safeguard their advantages (this is a direct reference at the level of the suspect’s mind or real failings).

The framework is that is laid out as Part 5 of the Article 247 CPC in RF (the beginning of serious and especially believable situations where the defendant is not within the RF);

When the person being investigated (accused) does not communicate the same language that is employed in the strategies for committing crimes,

If the offending conduct is more than fifteen years of imprisonment or life imprisonment

If the criminal case is to be tried by jurors

In the event that the defendant is requesting to have the criminal case examined under a new method (Ch. 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation

Collaboration with attorneys for criminal defense during the initial assessment stage of an investigation is also important, because the results of the evaluations at this point could be utilized later to aid in the investigation. When examining the individuals experts, they may often try to persuade them to agree. With the pressure of law execution centers it is possible for anyone to be awestruck. Without the expert assistance of a legitimate criminal counselor you could make matters worse. Based on my experiences I recommend to contact an insured attorneyregardless of whether you’re being treated in criminal matters.

The responsibilities and opportunities of the criminal lawyer

A legitimate advocate must provide protection to the people in their homes throughout the initial assessments as well as criminal method (for instance in court). Legally qualified consultants should be able to assist anyone searching for his help. As with every other person in legal relationship is equipped with specific advantages in the performance of his duties.

To obtain reports from experts in the field and other legitimate people essential to help him develop his skills;

To grill anyone who has information on the incident with their permission

Find the proof justification for his leaning toward the Gatekeeper’s line, to the benefits of the head

Meet with the client without a stumbling block in the number of social events;

Connect with an area professional, expert or work with

Examine the materials in your case and record photos and descriptions of the case, while keeping the case in a state of mystery.

Diverse exercises that are not different from Russia’s own institution.

A valid advisor must provide an organized legal aid to residents. This is his primary explanation. The law confers explicit responsibility to lawyers in all cases this advantage. These obligations are laid out by the Federal law 31.05.2002g. No. 63FZ “About lawyer practices and the real reasons to live inside Russia” Russian Federation. Coming up next is the responsibility of a lawyer who uses criminal practices that take the benefit from his own head.

They are able to act the spirit of fervent determination to safeguard the benefits and interest of their head by every legal method available.

to assist the head in the assessment hidden, in the same way to what is done in the court.

to provide genuine and free assistance, with the consent of Article 51 in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation.

In order to adhere to the master code of ethics for lawful advocates.


Be aware of security. Never to divulge information is discovered about an occupant in his relationship of work with him.

To understand the main’s advantages.

Similar benefits and responsibilities apply to a lawful counselor assigned by the State as compared to a private counselor. The same opportunities and responsibilities are covered similarly by the Federal legislation No. 63-FZ (About moving into Russia) Russian Federation) of 31.05.2002.

The backing of a legal counselor in a criminal method

The backing of lawyers in criminal cases is significant during the time of the initial phase. A courtroom is only one specifically able to establish accountability for the incident. The sentence that is given for the bad act is handed down. Section 2 from Article 48 in the Constitution of the Russian Federation governs the affirmation of legal advocates to criminal strategies. 2. Article 48 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Segment 3. Article 49 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. The second time a person is granted a specific legal status, he or she chooses to follow”prompt segment “prompt segment” of the legal advocate to criminal strategies. The legal guideline recognizes an interest as a defense in the criminal strategy.

The second time, the workplaces for law enforcement make the decision to bring the defendant to justice;

Then strategy is to use criminal tactics. implemented.

The first glimpse of the control over the suspect having committed a crime when the circumstances are as provided by article 91 or 92 of the Code of Criminal Procedure

The suspect is deemed to have been seized when he was able to apply the preventive assessments outlined in the article 100 of Code of Criminal Procedure. i.e. the time when preventive measures are taken on the person in. control;

A second warning for doubt is issued to the suspect who is accused of committing an offence that is criminal, in relation to the method described in 223.1 of CCrimP. 223.1 of CCrimP of the RF

The notice becomes effective at when the notice was sent to the person believed to have committed the wrong thing by not mentioning the taking an expert mental appraisal.

The description of the beginning of other procedural activities that affect the chances or advantages of the suspect’s criminal act (Article 49 ) of Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation).

Many people wonder: when is it crucial to have a legal guide for the criminal justice system? A lawyer must be swiftly guided by an inmate who of a courtroom protesting against law.

We’ll conclude the discussion by pointing out that the primary role of a criminal attorney is to determine the circumstances that justify the charge or reduce his obligation to the law.

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